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Rs 923.26-Crore Jind-Hansi rail line project gets approval

05 August, 2019

To provide better rail connectivity to the people of Haryana, Jind-Hansi New Rail line project has been approved at a cost of Rs 923.26 Crore. The project will be completed in a period of four years.  
Finance Minister Captain Abhimanyu informed that the proposal was approved in a meeting of Standing Finance Committee-C in which Public Works (Building and Roads) Minister, Rao Narbir Singh was also present. 
He said that Jind-Hansi New Rail line project has been developed by Haryana Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (HRIDC). 

"It is a Joint Venture between Ministry of Railways and Government of Haryana. The proposed line starts from existing Jind Station on Delhi-Bathinda Railway line and ends at existing Hansi Station on Bhiwani-Hisar Railway line. The construction length from Jind to Hansi will be about 50 km", said he.
The Finance Minister further stated that the construction of this line would provide direct and fast connectivity between Jind and Hisar, while It would also help in faster transportation of agricultural produce and fertilizers in this rural belt. 
Capt Abhimanyu said that the project would greatly help in social and economic development of this region as well as its adjoining areas. 

There will be eight railway stations on this line, including two existing stations of Jind and Hansi and six new stations i.e. Intel Kalan, Rajpura, Narnaund, Madha, Kherigagan, Sheikhpura.

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