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Haryana's special campaign for electorates

26 July, 2019

A special campaign will be organized in Haryana on July 27 and 28 for making new votes. 

Stating this, Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Haryana, Dr Inder Jeet said that the eligible persons, who are 18 years old or above as on January 1, 2019 and have not been able to register their name in the voters list due to any reason, they can all register their names during this campaign.

He said that during the campaign, all the BLOs would remain available at their polling booths to get the forms filled of new voters. Apart from this, the existing voters can also check their names in the list. 

No voter may face any problem in the upcoming General Election of the Haryana Legislative Assembly in view of not getting registered in the voters' list or incorrect description, therefore all eligible persons must get their names registered, he added.h

The official further stated that for the inclusion of name in the list, the eligible persons must fill Form 6, Non-Resident Indians will have to fill Form 6A, Form 8 for corrections, Form 8A for registration of names at other place in the same constituency and Form 7 for deleting the name of ineligible person. 

He said that according to the Commission's instructions, the integrated draft of photo electoral rolls was published on July 15, 2019 and the final publication would be done on August 19, this year.
He said that as per the directions of the Election Commission of India, the photo electoral rolls of all Vidhan Sabha Constituencies of the state have to be modified under Special Second Revision Campaign.

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