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Haryana Police to come up with social media campaign to educate public over cyber crime, online frauds

9 July, 2019

With an aim to educate and alert people against online frauds, cyber crime and other fictitious offers, Haryana Police has decided to launch a new public awareness campaign through SMS and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

The said awareness campaign will be launched soon.

Giving this information here today, Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), Law and Order, Navdeep Singh Virk said that with this initiative, Police would advise and caution the people to be wary from unsolicited and fictitious offers received through emails, phone calls and text messages.

He said that text messages and social media platform would alert citizens to be careful about online frauds such as promising lotteries and prize money. As part of the initiative, one or two SMS every week would be sent to cell phone users by their respective service providers asking them to maintain vigil against possible fraudsters. For this purpose, a meeting with telecom service providers would soon be convened. Similar practice would also be followed to reach maximum people through various social media platforms.

The senior official said that cyber criminals were constantly looking for ways to make money at others expense.  A number of such complaints are being received where people are asked to click on links provided in the emails and SMS resulted in loss of money.

Awareness is mandatory and best defence to save gullible people to be victims of such frauds. This will also helps in maintaining better coordination between Police and public, added Virk.

Under the campaign, people would be sensitized about general safety and security measures, cyber crime related awareness, traffic rules awareness, spoofed calls from abroad especially from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan asking information about security, Nigerian frauds.

In addition, dos and don’ts relating to weather related advisories such as fog, rain, natural disaster such as earthquake, cyclones and land sliding, festival and events, religious journeys such as kanwarr, Amarnath yatra, haj would also be covered under this drive, He said.

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