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BJP govt responsible for Haryana's power crisis: Surjewala

14 June, 2019

All India Congress Committee Communications In-charge, Randeep Singh Surjewala on Friday alleged that people of Haryana are suffering for declared and undeclared electricity cuts and the BJP government is directly responsible for the power crisis.

In a prese statement issued on Friday he said, "There is no power shortage in the state but the state government has created the problem by stopping six power plants in the state."

Senior Congress leader said the power cuts have made life miserable for the people but shockingly the power problems have been created by the BJP Government for its mismanagement and maladministration.

He said, "It is sad that the BJP Government was not bothered about the people’s problems as six power plants in Panipat with the capacity to produce 830 MW electricity are closed. Only two 250 MW power plant are functional in Panipat, while four 110 MW power are shut citing Renovation and Modernisation while two other plants of 210 MW each are closed citing ‘No Demand’. Power plants in Khedar village of Hisar are also functional with 400 MW lesser capacity. The net generation capacity of Haryana is 4849.8 MW but it generated only 2440 MW from HPGCL & it’s share in other projects."

Surjewala said that the government should clarify the reason on why on one hand it has stopped six power plants in the name of inadequate demand of power, on the other hand the public was being forced to face power cuts during this scorching summers.

He maintained that several power plants were set up in Yamunanagar, Jharli and Khedar during the Congress tenure but this government has stopped the functional power plants and the people are in distress due to the power shortage in all parts of the state.

In today’s modern life style, life without electricity is very difficult and hard. This situation cannot be accepted at all and people will teach suitable lessor to the arrogant government, he said.

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