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Surjewala seeks special ‘Girdawari’ of rain, hailstorm affected areas, immediate compensation for farmers

09 April, 2019

Senior leader and Member of Congress Core Committee, Randeep Singh Surjewala has demanded special ‘Girdawari’ of rain & hailstorm affected areas in Haryana and immediate payment of due compensation to the affected farmers within 15 days.

Charging the BJP government in Haryana of being insensitive to the plight of farmers whose crops have been damaged by the recent rains and hailstorm in the state, Surjewala alleged that even the previous compensation payments were still pending and the government was not bothered about farmers and their plight.

Surjewala also alleged that the farmers have suffered huge losses as wheat, mustard and other crops have suffered losses of up to 80 percent but the present government in Haryana is not bothered about the sufferings and concerns of the poor farmers.

He further alleged that while farmers were already reeling under high GST rates on diesel, pesticides, fertilizers and various products, the untimely rains and hailstorm that destroyed up to 80 per cent of their crops had added to their misery.

"Despite all this, the Khattar government has been indifferent to the farmer’s plight," he added.

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