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More than 28 Lakh challaned for violating traffic norms in Haryana

Rs 62.17 crore collected as fine from violators

3 January, 2019

Haryana Police has issued over 28.09 Lakh challans against people violating traffic rules last year between January 1 and November 30, 2018 and recovered a penalty of more than 62.17 Crore from such violators.

While stating this here on Thursday, Director General of Police (DGP) BS Sandhu said that during this period highest number of 12,54,116 challans were issued to offenders in district Gurugram followed by 2,51,232 challans in Faridabad where police recovered fine of over Rs 22.07 Crore and Rs 5.66 Crore respectively. The lowest numbers of 14,337 challans have been recorded in Charkhi-Dadri, a new district.

Sandhu said that Police is contemplating to bring down road fatalities at minimum level as most of the accidents used to take place due to traffic violations. Apart from awareness drives, road safety awareness campaigns were also being carried out to educate the masses about road and traffic safety.

"We can impose more penalties on traffic violators, but revenue collection through fines is not the purpose. Rather our prime objective is that people must follow traffic rules and save their precious lives as well of others", added he.

On an average, around 8,411 people are being booked every day for traffic violations in the state including wrong side driving, parking on wrong side, riding without helmet and seat belt, over speeding, drunken driving, among others. Apart from bringing down traffic violations, police is also sensitizing and making people aware about road safety with an aim to ensure declining of road accidents.

As many as 78,108 challans of traffic law violation were issued in Ambala while 97,900 challans were issued in Panchkula. Similarly, 46,995 challans issued in Yamunanagar, 90,709 challans in Kurukshetra, 42,574 in Kaihtal, 83,658 in Karnal, 1,08,590 in Panipat, 80,543 in Sonipat, 1,24,408 in Rohtak, 54,594 in Jhajjar, 93,896 in Hisar, 30,159 in Hansi, 47,411 in Fatehabad, 42,377 in Sirsa, 58,060 in Bhiwani, 14,337 in Charkhi Dadri, 31,802 in Jind, 50,885 in Palwal, 61,181 in Rewari, 23,481 in Narnaul and 42,261 in Mewat.

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