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BJP govt fails to attract foreign investment in Haryana: Surjewala

25 November, 2018

Senior Indian National Congress (INC) leader and party's National Core Committee member Randeep Singh Surjewala has claimed that Manohar Lal Khattar-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in Haryana has failed to attract foreign investment in the state.

He said on Sunday that foreign direct investment(FDI) in Haryana had been completely eroded due to the poor functioning of the present government.

Accusing CM Khattar and his Cabinet colleagues of wasting public money on a number of foreign tours one after another, Surjewala alleged that no single FDI had been invested in the state during last two years.

Referring to the information provided by Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation(HSIIDC) in response to a RTI, Surjewala said, "During the first two years of the second term of the Congress government from 2009 to 2011, the state received 1,086 Crore as FDI, which more than doubled to Rs 2,495 Crore in next two years  ie 2012 to 2014. At the same time, after the formation of Haryana's Khattar government, investment to the tune of merely Rs 92 Crore came in the state between 2015 and 2016, and this figure dropped to Rs 41 Crore between 2016 and 2017. Between 2017 and 2018, FDI of not even one rupee was received, which clearly shows the inexperience and ill functioning of the present government."

The former Haryana minister also alleged that the state government had claimed to implement several schemes to promote foreign capital investment in the state through Happening Haryana Haryana and spending hard earned money of people on dozens of foreign jaunts. But now the reply of RTI has clearly revealed that how Chief Minister, ministers, other representatives and senior officials had wasted crores of rupees in the name of Happening Haryana, he added.

The Congress government had made the state number one in terms of all round  development and investment but now the BJP government has declined the state to zero figure in development during its  four and half years  regime, causing the youth of the state to suffer unemployment, he added.

Refuting BJP government's claims over investment, Surjewala said that apart from touring the US, Canada, Israel, UK, Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai, CM Khattar should apprise the people how much investment came from foreign visits, Happening Haryana, Overseas Conferences and Roadshows. New investment claims worth Rs 6 Lakh Crore have proved to be completely hollow and baseless, he added.

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