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Khattar for cleanliness of ponds in Haryana

2 November, 2018

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Friday directed to make adequate arrangement for the cleanliness of village ponds as well as urban ponds in the state, saying that priority should be given to those ponds which are situated within the habitation to avoid inconvenience to the people living nearby.

While presiding over the first meeting of the Governing Body of Haryana Pond and Waste Water Management Authority (HPWWMA), he also directed that a system should also be put in place for the management of overflowing ponds so that water going waste could be utilized for irrigation purposes.

He also directed that water should be completely drained out from the ponds alteast once in a year before the rainy season to ensure their cleanliness. At present the state has about 18,000 ponds including 15,500 rural ponds.

The Chief Minister also issued directions for identifying the ponds in the state as has religious significance and said that these be developed from religious point of view. He said that recently he has visited 30 to 35 religious places falling in the districts of Kurukshetra, Karnal and Jind and also announced grant of Rs 30 to Rs 40 Crore for the rejuvenation of holy pilgrimages particularly the Sarovars.

In the same serious, I would soon visit five ponds being developed and rejuvenated by the  Authority, he added.

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