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Police ensure safe Diwali in Haryana

5 November, 2018

With a view to make a safe and secure Diwali for all in Haryana, the State Police have put in place adequate precautionary and stringent measures to prevent any untoward incident during the festival of lights.

While stating this today, Director General of Police (DGP), BS Sandhu said that all the Range ADGPs, IGs, Commissioners of Police and district Superintendents of Police have been instructed to ensure adequate arrangements in their respective areas to avoid any kind of unfortunate incident during Diwali celebrations.

Elaborating upon the details, ADGP, Law and Order, Mohammed Akil said that as per instructions, police would ensure that adequate safety measures and necessary precautions have been taken place to avoid the occurrence of any mishap in godowns or storehouses as well as retails selling points of fire crackers. Adequate safety measures at storage and sale points of crackers would also be ensured.
Akil said that it would also be ensured that the sale and storage points should be away from the densely populated areas and these should be located in places where adequate open space is available on all sides. Police would also ensure that retail points are allowed only at a limited number of places where all safety measures including fire safety should be ensured.
The efforts of Police would be coordinated with teams of civil administration so that fire crackers are being sold, stored, handled and transported as per government instructions. Legal action should also be taken against unlicensed or unauthorized manufacturers/storers/sellers, he added.

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