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Inter-district gang of bike thieves busted in Haryana, five held




03 October, 2020

Haryana Police have busted a gang of motorcycle thieves active in Kaithal and adjoining districts by arresting five of its members and also recovered 20 stolen motorcycles.


Giving this information here on Saturday, a Haryana Police spokesperson said that three members of the gang were arrested after extensive interrogation of a vicious accused on remand, while one member of the gang had already been sent to judicial custody on October 1.


20 motorcycles worth about Rs Four Lakh stolen from different parts of Kaithal, Thanesar and Pehowa were recovered from their possession.


Before committing the crime, the gang members used to conduct recee and steal the bikes either by breaking the lock or with the help of the master key.


After interrogating one accused Ritesh, the police team had established a naka on the intervening night of October 2 and 3 near Keodak and arrested three persons identified as Gokul alias Sunny, Arun and Ankush. Earlier, police had also nabbed Ajay and Ritesh with a stolen bike on the night of September 30.


Accused admitted that they used to steal bikes and hide them somewhere to sell them at throw away prices.

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