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'Telangana adopts Haryana’s e-registration model'



9 September, 2020

Haryana Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala has claimed that the state’s e-registration model is being discussed across the nation and several other states including Telangana are replicating the model of Haryana. 

Chautala said on Tuesday that the state government would develop a hassle-free, transparent model for the registration of lands for the convenience of the people of the state. 

According to the Deputy CM, as of Tuesday, Telangana government has stopped registration process in the state and is going to follow the e-registration system on the pattern of Haryana. 

Meanwhile, Chautala has also instructed all the District Deputy Commissioners of the state to standardise the collector-rate till next week.

He was interacting with the DCs of all the districts in Chandigarh through video conferencing and directed them to constantly monitor the process of the Registry and also to appoint a Coordinator at the Tehsil level to coordinate at the district level in the Departments related to the work of Registry so that people getting their registries done do not face any problem. 

In response to a question asked by a Deputy Commissioner regarding NRI Registry, the Deputy Chief Minister said that in such cases passport numbers would also have to be submitted during the online process.


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