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Haryana to celebrate September 2020 as 'National Nutrition Month'



11 September, 2020

With an aim to boost the nutritional-level of children and women in Haryana and to identify the children suffering from Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM) and Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) children, the state government has decided to celebrated the ongoing month, September 2020, as National Nutrition Month.

An official spokesperson of Department of Women and Child Development said that the malnutrition could be reduced by creating awareness about ideal nutrition, balanced diet and protein-rich food in women, girls and children. 

He said while the nutrition month is being observed, measures like maintaining social distancing, wearing of masks and washing hands at regular intervals would be ensured to contain the spread of pandemic COVID-19.

It has been informed that a calendar had also been released for the events slated to be held throughout this month, in which children suffering from MAM and SAM would be identified. 

Subsequently, to make the mothers aware about the diet of such children, various activities like health checks, meetings with the mothers, Annaprashan Diwas, organizing community-based programmes while laying emphasis on breastfeeding along with organizing meetings with pregnant & lactating women and adolescent girls are included.

Besides, during this month, Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Day will also be celebrated with special focus on nutrition. Thus, special health check up of children and pregnant and lactating women will be done in collaboration with the Health Department.

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