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BKU Chakka Jaam:Haryana government issues directions for peaceful protest



19 September, 2020

In view of the statewide road blockade call given by the Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) and some other organizations to be held between 12 pm to 3 pm, on September 20, Haryana government has issued directions to ensure law and order and minimize inconvenience to the people of the state.

Sharing more information, an official spokesperson said that Deputy Commissioners, and Senior Superintendent  of Police and Superintendent  of Police have been directed to hold talks with the organizers and ensure a peaceful protest.

He said that organizers have been advised to register their protest in a peaceful and lawful manner and desist from blocking the national or state highways.

He said that all Executive Magistrates and Police officers have been asked to remain present in the districts and they should not proceed on leave. He said that the Executive Magistrates are directed to remain stationed alongwith their police counterparts at all such places where congregation of protestors is anticipated.

Besides this, joint patrolling of the National and State highways or important roads  should  be conducted by the Executive Magistrates alongwith police officials from Saturday September 19 itself so as to instill a sense of confidence amongst citizens.  

He said that the protestors should be dealt with tact and patience. However they should not be allowed to take law in their hands. 

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