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BJP playing with future of students in Haryana: Surjewala

12 July, 2019

Raising questions against the alleged faulty online process for the colleges admissions in Haryana, the AICC Communications In-charge Randeep Singh Surjewala today said that the BJP Government in Haryana is out to doom the future of students in the state.

Surjewala said that the students were not getting admission in colleges as per merit and are being forced to pay a fee of Rs 150 for admission application in each college, whereas on allotment of one college, the name of the student is not considered for admission in other colleges, though the student may be placed higher in rank as per the merit. This process not only defeats the objective of merit-based college admissions, but, also entails harassment and looting of admission seeking students, he added.

This process of College admission is quite opposite to the process being followed for admission in colleges of Delhi University where if a student applies for admission in ten Colleges, his/her name appears in the merit list of all ten colleges, Surjewala further added.

Referring to other students problems in new admission process, Surjewala said that earlier, the students passing 12th standard from Haryana Board were not required to get their documents verified. But this time, on the last day the Administration issued a notice stating that even students who have passed their 12th standard from Haryana Board will also be required to get their documents verified and consequently the names of students from Haryana could not appear in the merit list for admission. In such a scenario the students in Haryana are feeling helpless and desperate, he added.

In its entirety, the present system in Haryana has been a gross betrayal of the meritorious students of Haryana since the online admission process has totally failed and the people in Haryana will uproot this BJP Government in the ensuing Assembly elections on account of its failing the students fraternity at every level.

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