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To promote eye donation, Haryana to set up centres in all district hospitals

30 July, 2019

With an aim to promote eye donation in Haryana, eye donation centres will be set up in all 22 district hospitals of the state.

The Additional Chief Secretary

These centres will be opened by the Haryana Health and Family Welfare Department.

This was stated by the Additional Chief Secretary Rajeev Arora while presiding over meeting of State Blind Control Society o  Tuesday. 

He said that total four eye donation centres and 12 eye banks were working in the state, including one each at Faridabad and Hisar and two at Yamunanagar. People could be motivated for eye donation through wide publicity at the district level through these centres. For this, help would also be sought from the NGOs and private eye doctors in the state.

Arora said that at present, the spread of blindness in Haryana and at national level was one per cent, and the state government has set a target to reduce it to 0.3 per cent by 2020. 

Under this, a number of steps have been taken for the prevention of blindness in the state, in which the eyes of children and senior citizens are being examined at school level and free glasses and medicines are being distributed to them, he added.

The official further stated that population based screening would be carried out to collect data of people suffering from blindness and deafness in the state. 

For this, duty will be assigned to health workers to visit doorsteps of people and collect data. Apart from this, awareness camps will be organized at village level, which will motivate more and more people for eye donation. He said that for this, it is mandatory for all the districts will have to register all eye donors on the ‘Darpan Portal’ so that their full details can be collected.

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