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Khattar govt to lay stress on security, health, education

06 June,  2019

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said on Thursday that more emphasis will be laid on Security, Health and Education (SHE) for the development of the state during next five years. 

Under Security, farmers will be given a pension of Rs 6,000 in a year, apart from Central Government's Kisan Samman Nidhi. On completion of 60 years of age, labourers of the state will be given a monthly pension of Rs 3,000 and its premium will be paid by the State Government.
The Chief Minister was speaking in a function organised in Karnal.
He said under Health, more wellness centers will be opened under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana, whereas under the Education, 'Beti Bachao-Beti Practice' programme will be carried forward more effectively. As a result of the government policies in the state, number of girls per thousand boys has now gone up to 933. About 40,000 daughters have been saved from foeticide, he added.

The future of youth in the state has been secured and jobs are given to them on merit basis without any recommendation or bribe. Like youth, many schemes have been implemented for the benefit of country's soldiers, women, sportspersons and farmers. All  regions of the state have been developed equally. At present,  work  on canal based drinking water schemes  is in progress in  104 villages in the state. New roads  of Public Works (Building and Roads) Department or of National Highways are being constructed. Besides, houses will be given to all by the year 2022, he added.
Lashing out at  opposition parties, the chief minister said that racism and dynasty politics has come to an end, now it is the policy of ‘Haryana Ek-Hariyanvi Ek’. On the other hand, business class of the state is also happy, now, as ransom system has completely ended. 

He said that frustrated by their defeat, the opposition parties are using offensive language. 

"We have to answer them in a dignified way and they will get the answer from the  people in forthcoming assembly elections. The leaders of the opposition parties have started talking about not fighting the upcoming elections due to fear of their defeat. Many leaders want to leave their parties and are planning to join BJP. Keeping in view the results of the Lok Sabha elections, there is no such thing known as Opposition in the state, but  a democratic system demands the presence of opposition", he said. 

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