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Haryana has nearly six thousand centenarian voters

06 March, 2019

In all the 90 Assembly Constituencies of Haryana, there are 5,910 voters who are of 100 years of age or above.
While giving this information on Wednesday, Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Haryana, Dr Inderjeet said it's a matter of pride for Haryana that elderly voters of this age were registered in the voters’ list.

He said that voters’ lists were published on January 31, this year.

According to this list, the maximum number of 553 voters who are of 100 years of age or above, are in Karnal, while the lowest number of 111 voters are in Panchkula.
The official informed that there are 8,9711 voters in 90 to 99 years age group in the Voters’ list, the maximum number of 7,946 such voters are in Bhiwani, while the lowest number of 1,436 voters in Panchkula. He said that those voters who are still left out, they could fill Form no. 6 on website online to get their votes made.
He said that during the special brief revision of voter lists, the 3,68,494 new voters have been added to the list. The names of 85,613 ineligible voters have been removed from the voters’ list and the details of 60,995 voters registered in voters’ list have been corrected. He said that if still, the name of any citizen is not on the voters’ list then one can get himself or herself registered and also get corrected their personal details.   
He said that a toll free number 18003361950 has been started for providing state level information for the convenience of voters of the state. Apart from this, voters can get information about their Form status and polling station by calling on voter’s helpline toll free number 1950 in their district or by sending SMS.

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