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Haryana teacher gets National Award for innovation in education

18 November, 2018

It is well said, “Equipping teachers with technology that will automate the boring work, will enhance education and make it more powerful.”

Therefore, Parmod Kumar, working with Haryana’s Directorate of School Education, has been selected for National Award for innovative use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching-learning.

Parmod working as State Programme officer with the Directorate has been selected among 43 such teachers from across the country to be awarded this year with “National Award for Teachers for use of ICT in Education”.

The awards would be given on November 21 in New Delhi by the Union Ministry of Human Resource of Development.

A Post Graduate Teacher (Psychology) in Haryana government, Parmod would be given National Award for inventing ‘Mobile Projector’, a unique device that runs without electricity and has emerged as a useful tool in utilisation of ICT in education.

Parmod said, “All around the world nearly 32 percent public schools are without electricity and in India it is estimated at 19 percent. In such situation this mobile projector is very useful tool to strengthen the education by using ICT. For this, we do not need any big smart classroom or computer lab. It works with the mobile of teacher. It is very useful and popular in schools falling in remote areas around the world.”

In fact, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) too believe that the ‘Mobile Learning’ is the modern way to improve education, he added.

Parmod’s Mobile Projector had been successfully showcased at UNESCO, Paris during Mobile Learning Week. Apart from this, he had also given presentation in Washington.

Another teacher who has been selected from Haryana for the said award this year is Rajkumar Arya.

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